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Polarities, Elements, and Modalities

Learn how the signs are classified according to polarity, element, and modality from both a traditional and modern understanding of these categories. How do each of these factors influence the ways in which the signs are described and how the significations of a planet occupying the sign are expressed in human life.

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Horary Astrology: The Important Keys to Analysis

The premise behind Horary Astrology is that a question, like a person, is born at a unique and specific moment. The Horoscope cast for the birth of an all important question is called a horary chart. Delineation and analysis of the chart reveals the circumstances surrounding the question and its eventual outcome. Horary is a predictive form of astrology with clear cut rules necessary for passing accurate judgment on the question asked.

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ricke levine


The Astrologer's Role as an Agent of Change

Gone are the innocent days of imagined objectivity. Quantum theory has clearly demonstrated that the observer impacts the observed and alters the trajectory simply by his or her presence. We must accept the fact that we are not inert bystanders watching the past collide with the future. We are participants in the lives of our clients and in the unfolding social/political drama of these times. What do we do with this knowledge? What are the moral and ethical implications of being cosmically informed? Do we strive for objectivity as detached observers? Or do we consciously or unconsciously bend the future to conform with our personal, social, cultural, political, economic, religious, and gender biases? These are confusing times and we'll untangle some of the relevant issues and how they impact our work as astrologers.

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Utilizing the Findings of The Astrology Code

Michael will discuss the key findings from his research and show you how to apply them to your readings. You will get a detailed look at his purpose and process for investigating the validity of many astrological techniques, including: the zodiac signs, aspects, the diurnal cycle (houses), and the 9th harmonic.

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JULY 2016

Adam Gainsburg


Sky Phases of the Planets

The Sky Phases of the planets represent the very origin of the astrological tradition. The living sky was in fact the very first astrological "chart." Through 3D software and explanatory graphics, this lecture will introduce the missing celestial ingredients from every round chart wheel such as speed, brightness and Earth proximity . Learn why there are such differences between one conjunction and another (between the same planets)! Tangible meanings for each sky factor are emphasized along with best practices for delineation.

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JUNE 2016

Grace Morris


Economic, Real estate and Business Cycles

We'll talk about the astrological cycles that have worked for over 100 years in real estate, business and the economy. What an advantage we have in our own financial life, in working with clients and in sharing with the world that astrology works! Learn more about these cycles. Be ahead of the game projecting your own future successes.

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APRIL 2016

Sol Johansen


Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn, the birth of the human.

In spiritually oriented astrology, humans' ability to reach for the stars are reflected through the initiations into a higher expression of one's potential, not necessarily in a material sense, but more in a spiritual sense, yielding a deep sense of purpose. Humans most intense arena for development occurs both in the relationship to one self, but even more strongly felt in the area of relationship. First we learn how to live with our selves, then in a relationship, then in a bigger group and eventually, as a humanity.

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MARCH 2016

Aleksandar Imsiragic


Hermetic Astrology and Strings Between Incarnations

Everyone lives through three incarnations simultaneously at any moment. They are represented as three different lives that are most crucial for our development. Finding a way to unite them means liberation and represents the final goal of Hermetic Astrology. In this lecture we will define those three different incarnations we live all the time and also we'll describe a way to unite those different lives in order to create one real Cosmic Life, that represents our True Being.

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Georgia Stathis


The Importance of Phases

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Robert Corre


Planetary Dignities

Chart delineation and evaluation depends on the ability to measure the quantity (how much) and the quality (how refined/crude) of the different planetary forces present. What changes from one chart to the next is this variation of mixtures. Every chart has a Jupiter, a Saturn, etc., the question is how much and how constructive are the influences?



Alejandro Diaz Quiroz


About Jungian Theory

JungĀ“s understanding and theory of the human psyche has many interesting insights that us, as astrologers, can use to make our work with clients more practical and insightful. In this mini talk we will learn a specific Jungian theory about the phases of human development in a clear, simple, and visual way. At the end we will review accessible bibliography for further study.